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GoZapi was created in 2012 as the perfect blend of old and new. We use the latest technology to improve the number of people companies reach.

Our ultimate aim is to merge the words of physical and online, where you don’t have to visit the shop or the website, you can do both at the same time and they complement each other offering the customers a better experience.

For businesses we’re taking traditional forms of advertising and by adding new ideas to them such as QR codes, making them far more effective at attracting customers.

It’s fair to say we’re into our technology, in fact we love it. We keep up to date with what’s happening in the tech world and how the new ideas and products can help your business grow without breaking the bank.

The People Behind Gozapi

Our backgrounds and technical skills allow us to keep up to date with the latest developments and apply them to GoZapi. We’re a small but perfectly-formed team, a lean machine if you will, working hard to make sure your message get across to the customer and giving you a get great return on investment.

Ben Hawley

Ben is the founder of GoZapi and, along with all of his very important management duties, he is out and about on the roads of Yorkshire meeting business owners and helping them understand using technology in marketing can really help. He is also project lead in any custom projects that GoZapi creates for its clients.

When he’s not helping people with their digital marketing, he enjoys photography, socialising and playing his guitar. Well, we say ‘playing’ but it’s being used very loosely in this context.
Darrell Lawson

Darrell is the technical mind behind the business, creating and maintaining the infrastructure we need to link QR codes to the statistics behind them. He loves to keep up with new ideas, so you’ll mainly find him hunched over his Mac Book, fiddling with bits of code. He can sometimes be tempted out with biscuits, but they have to be borbon creams.

He's not all work and no play though you may see him around Sheffield most likely in Corporation if so say "Hi", He doesn't bite (anymore).